Reach, Teach & Release

Our Vision

Why we exist...

REACH:  People with the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ
TEACH:  Believers the Word of God and how to become Self Feeders and Kingdom Builders
RELEASE:  Servants and Local Churches in Faithful Ministry


Strategic Ministry Plan

How we accomplish the why...

REACH:  People with the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ
1. Invest and Invite (PreChristian people to Christ or newhope)
2. Creative and Relevant Outreach Events (By all ministry areas and Life Groups)
3. Excellent Publicity and Mass Marketing

NOTE: All Reach events are designed to “Bridge” unbelieving, unchurched, and pre-Christian people to the Worship Environment/Experience of Sunday mornings!

Core Value: We believe lost people matter to God and therefore matter to us… (Mtt. 28 & Lk. 19:10)

TEACH:  Believers the Word of God and how to become Self Feeders and Kingdom Builders
1. Through Sunday, Adult-Oriented, Worship Celebrations
2. Through Sunday, Children/Student-Oriented Worship Celebrations (i.e. up-town, mid-town, down-town, hopekids pre-school, Impact, Pulse)
3. Through Life Groups
4. Through Seasonal/Short Term Needs Meeting Events/Studies. Those requesting building use for these short-term ministries are asked to fill out the Building Use and Ministry Application Form – those can be requested at

NOTE: The final and desired destination of every newhoper is doing life with others through Life Groups meeting in homes. The only large group events held at the church are those that meet specific needs that accomplish Vision and have a clear start and stop date.

Core Value:  We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God… (Ps. 119:105 & He. 4:12)

RELEASE:  Servants and Local Churches in Faithful Ministry
1. newhopers to become all that God created them to be in Christ
2. Members to serve Christ through ministries of the local church on Sundays and throughout the week as salt and light in the world.
3. Other local churches to thrive to the glory and honor of God

NOTE: As a church, God has called us to the mission field of the Carolinas. As such, the overwhelming majority of energy, resources, and time will be given to Reach, Teach, and Release people in North and South Carolina. 

Core Value: We believe abundant life is experienced when we serve God through His Church – the hope of the world… (Mtt. 16:18 & I Cor. 12)

4 ways we Reach, Teach and Release:

Note: Since this video was posted, changes have been made to service times. See below for information and also, check here for times and locations near you! 



Our state of the art website offers a wealth of resources intended to enrich your spiritual life and further your walk with Christ. One of the resources you will find in the Resource Center is a fantastic Video Library, which provides every sermon given over the last 3 years, and many other fun and inspirational videos. Please check it out if you haven’t already, and enjoy!


Take newhope Sunday messages wherever you go! Simply go to the link above or to iTunes and search by newhope church or Benji Kelley to find our page of audio messages. Here you can subscribe and download Pastor Benji’s weekly audio messages. It’s a great way to catch up on missed sermons or inspire you as you begin your day on a jog or on your drive to work.



Between the iCampus and the social media sites, the Virtual newhope Community of online worship and fellowship is developing and growing. The iCampus worship experience is for those traveling, home sick, or on those days when you just need to stay in, but it’s also a church-home for many regulars who live far away. While it’s never intended to replace the live worship experience for those who live near, it sure comes in handy at times. Catch iCampus now throughout the week! 


And last but not least...we are so thrilled to announce the TV Ministry, an incredibly powerful and effective way to reach more people for Christ! We are finding that many people are discovering newhope and Christ as a result of airing commercials and our Sunday TV programming in Central NC and in Columbia, SC. Check it out on a Sunday you may not be able to leave home, or recommend it to a friend!

 Vision Day IX


On Vision Day IX, Pastor Benji taught from Isaiah 64:8 where the Bible says, “Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are the clay, the work of your hand.” This diagram depicts the analogy that we are like clay in the hands of The Potter and shows us how to apply it to our vision of Reach, Teach and Release! We are so thankful God is shaping our lives into masterpieces for His glory as we Reach people for Jesus, Teach them the Bible, and Release fully devoted followers of Jesus!